Alert the host to do self advocate close the site

      I recently got a message of a smelly name IDC for their own interests in the absence of notification of the owner of a private forum closed.

      it is very inhumane and illegal, all the owners have the right to defend their own network property.

      if the policy changes due to the webmaster enough time to reflect, and some service providers because of their own self-interest deliberately closed without ordinary webmaster forum. This makes me feel very sad and angry, in the absence of the relevant departments to inform the webmaster forum and no * * * or boycott of the contents of the case at least to the general webmaster 1 weeks to save data and transfer time.

      and some bad agents but because of a little bit of time to shut down the owner of the Forum on the work of the owner as if nothing, even the data is not reserved for the webmaster. I want to ask you about your business career at all?

      for personal webmaster can not build forum at present only part of the pilot provinces, and some people are off the space for the webmaster webmaster without demur by immersed in fear of the process, this is your service?

      individual stationmaster is the vulnerable groups, but also consumers, they have to use their own space management rights, if it receives the relevant documents or notice should be given enough time to take stationmaster forum, but the space is still legal to buy the station. No one has the right to deprive the right to use space in the premise of the legitimate use of the webmaster!

      individual owners have their own long in mind, you can make proper means to engage in Internet web page, although the forum has been closed in the edge, but the general web is allowed. If someone deliberately violated the rights of the majority of the webmaster you should stand up and fight them in the end!

      give exposure for these illegal agents must, let their ugly behavior in the sun, they get some reward for.

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