74.6% of the world’s top ten thousand sites are driven by open source software


in the development of the Internet, the open and closed has been a very controversial topic. So what about the development of open source software? Statistics show that 74.6% of the world’s top ten thousand sites are supported by web service providers running open source software.

Although this result is expected

, but the proportion is still impressive. Even more surprising is that the open source web service provider Apache and nginx services in the top ten thousand sites accounted for more than 61%. Apache is the world’s number one Web server software. It can run on almost all the widely used computer platforms and has high security. Nginx is a Web application server from Russia, after we have reported that Nginx received $3 million financing. At present, the domestic use of nginx services site users are: Sina, NetEase, Tencent. Microsoft provides non open source software IIS accounted for 14%.

the following chart allows you to have a clearer concept, which is open source software for blue, green for private owned software, which accounted for 74.6% and 19.4%, respectively.



is a website will choose Internet service providers according to the different needs of their products, but more and more websites tend to Internet service providers using open source software to support this trend has become increasingly evident. Open source program has been driving the advance of network technology. It is the difference of the open source spirit to promote the competition between different development teams. For example, nginx is the bright younger generation promotes good old Apache to create more new technology and inspiration. Although the network service providers are basically Apache, nginx and IIS three dominant situation, but there are still many small service providers in the provision of a wide range of services.

in the seven principles of the foreseeable future, we have talked about the importance of open source to the future world. The past is only open source software programmers to entertain a small hand, completely unable to the same Oracle or against Microsoft. But now open source has become the default choice of the giants, and even Microsoft is also considering the Hadoop and Python sermons, as well as open Xbox Kinect operator in order to become a platform for artists and robotics experts. Under the support of open source communities such as SourceForge and GitHub, a variety of interactive circles will emerge at an alarming rate to meet the needs of a variety of programming. On the whole, the general direction of the world is more transparent, more mutually beneficial and bottom-up innovation. True openness requires trust, not just an interface.

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