360 sued Sogou unfair competition is actually the unspoken rules of the application store promotion

Monday morning in August 1st, the media reported that the Qihoo 360 Sogou prosecute unfair competition, Haidian court has accepted the case.


it is reported that the Qihoo 360 claimed that the Qihoo 360 "user input in Sogou search in 360 energy saving king", pointing to the mobile phone Sogou assistant download link. Sogou Qihoo 360 for compensation of 10 million yuan, and a public apology in Sogou search, Sogou mobile phone assistant software, sohu.com, Tencent.com, sina.com.cn, ifeng.com prominently, in the "Legal Daily", "Chinese Youth Daily" first edition prominently public apology to the plaintiff for 100 days, and in the above the website, the media published a statement publicly lasted for 100 days, to eliminate the influence of.

tiger sniffing in today’s focus on the keyword search, in order to try to understand the 360 prosecution logic and Sogou application distribution strategy. The prosecution appeal, perhaps it is now Android application distribution knot:

we are competing for traffic entrance, posture is very ugly, how broken?

let’s replay about the words "360 energy saving king".

at noon today, Sogou search results are given as follows:


looks normal, but in fact the file name has been changed, and we don’t know why. It is worth noting that, today the search engine to add a commercial identification deadline has landed, here first with commercial identification results, is actually the application market of its own web site.

in the earlier today, tiger sniffing in the survey found that search engines have rectification, before 9 in the morning, Sogou search also basically do not see commercial promotion of the logo, and at around 11 points in the index, with the same keyword search, suddenly appeared in advertising, today will be a search mess, oh.

but the key to the problem is not in the display order and business logo, but after entering this page, you can see:


note that this huge "high-speed download" button, which is why the 360 charges: this button to download, but not the 360 produced 360 energy saving king, but this one assistant Sogou mobile phone application


and the problem may also be here: Sogou use 360 of the software for their own application market diversion.

but it’s not just a question of sogou.

mobile application distribution, is a profitable thing: there is installed capacity, the application market can be realized in a variety of forms: advertising, home page recommendation, etc.. Therefore, the pipeline flow — the main search engine, is the hollowing out of mind to consider how to allow users to install their own stores. < >