The eagle will support Alipay HawkHost host

cheap meters comprehensive news: speaking of foreign well-known host host HawkHost Eagle today released the December work report: HawkHost host will support Alipay’s purchase of its virtual host, host reseller and VPS services.

in the HawkHost work report this month, said HawkHost with HawkHost China users continue to increase, HawkHost customers continued to receive advice requires the support of alipay. Finally, HawkHost has made the difficult your buttocks: the system supports Alipay in the work schedule. After cheap meters consulting, HawkHost CEO Tony said Alipay’s support for children’s shoes, the fastest to officially put into use in January next year, but there will still be some force majeure factors, so HawkHost also expressed the hope that everything can be scheduled to run normally.

in cheap meters, for the upcoming HawkHost support Alipay is a very tangled thing. Foreign already supports Alipay’s console manufacturers although it seems quite moist, but it seems in the domestic reputation has… . as you know, a cup or very few. HawkHost has been very awesome, but also cheap meters as one of the recommended host number, hoping not to be my words in your mouth crow.

HawkHost profile:

HawkHost is a professional small virtual hosting company, products include shared hosting, VPS and Reseller host. All servers on the SoftLayer data center, the domestic access speed is still wrong. HawkHost also has a strict resource constraints for its host, the host is not infinite host selling false and empty out, this may be slightly better than the other host in the super sale. And HawkHost customer service reflects the speed is good, too much is also very good, but also one of the most popular WHT in the u.s..

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With the module on the software end things we of now just working t> re Alipay completed