Daily topic blue sky and white clouds under the hillside goodbye Windows XP today retired

A5 webmaster network (www.admin5.com) April 8th news, on the day of the day for the Internet and software industry in is destined to be an extraordinary day, it is worth remembering the day. This day with us for 13 years Windows XP operating system Windows XP system retire! Left a lot of memories to China users! The classic blue sky green slope desktop believe will stay in our mind!

13 years, enough to let a child who has just come into contact with the computer grew up, and the XP system with a period of 13 years to the end of life. 13 years, XP system to witness the upgrading of personal computers, but also to witness the global popularity of the internet. Network security company Qualys statistics show that, at present, more than 10% of the world’s government and corporate computers are still using Windows XP. According to the Net Applications statistics, running XP consumer PC market share of nearly 30%. Nevertheless, the XP system still occupies the world’s share of up to 10% of the system, and at the peak of XP, the global total of more than 400 million people in the use of the operating system. According to Internet traffic monitoring agency StatCounter released data show that at present in China XP market share is still as high as 54.13%, while Win7 came in second, accounting for 38.01%, Win8 accounted for only 2.56%, personal computer users to install and use XP nearly 200 million units.


is so successful operating system to choose retirement? Microsoft official said, the first WindowsXP system has been in service for many years, many technologies have been lagging behind, too old security mechanism is more vulnerable to Trojan virus attacks. And WindowsXP operating environment in many places there is a big loophole, although Microsoft released a patch in a timely manner, but can not effectively suppress the virus attacks. "WindowsXP was born in 2001 has 13 years of time, she is the operating system of the longest ever serving, but with the development of science and technology, the rapid development of new technology, cloud computing, mobile, social, big data and other information, XP has been difficult to meet the needs of modern office and entertainment, is not enough to deal with the current security threat."

Microsoft Corp said in a statement, after April 8, 2014, Microsoft is no longer providing WindowsXP technical help, including help protect your computer automatically updated. If you continue to use Windows XP after the end of the support, your computer can still work, but it may be more vulnerable to security risks and virus attacks. In addition, as more software and hardware manufacturers will improve their products in order to be compatible with more recent versions of Windows, a large number of applications and devices will not be available in WindowsXP."

network security experts pointed out that the response to XP after.