Sources said YAHOO and Google or open advertising platform next week

according to foreign media reports, sources recently revealed that in order to deal with the American billionaire activist investor · Carle (Carl Icahn); Icahn launched a proxy battle for the challenge, YAHOO executives are stepping up negotiations with Google, hope to cooperate with the latter in search advertising.

according to sources, YAHOO and Google are expected to announce a deal next week to jointly create an open platform system. In addition to YAHOO and Google, Microsoft, AOL, and any other company can bid for the same keyword search advertising rights. At the same time, Google’s chief legal officer, Kent ·, Volcker (Kent Walker) is carefully studying the structure and wording of the transaction, hoping to reduce the impact of regulatory review to the lowest. Google and YAHOO both believe that the risk of supervision of the search advertising outsourcing transactions between the two companies will not be higher than Microsoft’s acquisition of YAHOO.

but some observers believe that the deal between YAHOO and Google will create an unfair competitive environment. Kevin, chairman of the board of Did-It, a search engine marketing firm, ·, said: "YAHOO will search advertising to Google, which will be a bigger winner in the field," says Lee (Kevin)." Michael, founder of Media Link, an advertising consultancy, · (Michael), also said: "the form of cooperation can be arbitrarily named, but the final result is Google to become a winner in."

there is no doubt that YAHOO first with Google search advertising business outsourcing negotiations is to check the Microsoft acquisition. YAHOO announced last month at the beginning of the implementation of a pilot program on the Google ads next two weeks of not more than 3% of YAHOO search. The pilot program is now over. By working with Google, YAHOO can quickly increase revenue and cash flow, while reducing operating expenses, thereby winning more shareholder support, to resist the acquisition of Microsoft.

although Microsoft has announced the abandonment of the acquisition, but the pressure is not eliminated YAHOO. Icahn Thursday in a letter sent to YAHOO confirmed that he has been launched to contributed to Microsoft’s acquisition of YAHOO’s proxy battle. He nominated ten candidates for YAHOO directors, and they want to replace the existing YAHOO board of directors, in order to promote YAHOO to accept Microsoft’s $33 per share, the total value of $47 billion 500 million acquisition offer. Icahn in a letter to YAHOO chairman Roy · Bostock (Roy Bostock) wrote in a letter: "obviously, the YAHOO board rejected Microsoft acquisition behavior is very unreasonable, and lost the trust of shareholders and Microsoft."