Hackers attack physician qualification examination website registration information was modified

, I heard that the medical examination network was black, just went to look at the phone number has been changed, we look at it." In March 14th, a medical examination is black "post caused a heated debate in the medical examination of the IIYI exchange forum.

said the post "medical examination" refers to the national medical examination center of the national medical qualification examination online registration system, this day from the qualification examination online registration deadline this year only one day.

March 15th, China Youth Daily reporter contacted the post posted the net friend. The self proclaimed candidates from Shanxi told reporters that he in March 14th in the afternoon and print the registration form, also did not find any problems on the registration information, but in the evening he received my message: "the national medical examination is black, the registration information has been tampered with." He checked out the registration form to see, the account password did not change, but the phone number is completely changed, the phone number 2599 was changed to the "2555".

how has submitted the application information will be modified?.

one day before the registration deadline

register information is modified

followed, the forum more and more users reply to the post –

users, Dr. Hu Bin said his cell phone number three from the "189" was changed to "185".

friends Liu Fangcheng said his colleagues in the phone number three from the "186" was changed to "182".

is also a mobile phone number, the netizen "hope mountain" said his mobile phone number after three "559" was changed into "555".

similar posts mentioned as well as 135911 was changed to "135511", "139933" was changed to "135533", "6996" was changed to "," etc.. Such a ‘modify’ seems to have some kind of law, a netizen named wendynan Post said the registration information in the phone number, every 6 and 9 will be modified, a lot of the number of 6 to become the 2, the number of 5.

as of press time, this post has been viewed 2889 times, in the forum comments, hundreds of candidates claiming to netizen their colleagues or encounter "changes", and the mobile phone number "modified".

the morning of March 15th, claiming to be a volunteer IIYI examination area of netizens "jbh forum gold Baohai" issued a entitled "candidates information (mobile phone) is changed to: (should be" have ", reporters note) consultation, looking for reasons (later update) post". The Post said he had contacted the national medical examination center, but the center staff said the registration information is not yet known to change the matter, the investigation will be launched later, said