ChinaRank website ranking discovered illegal websites

      the online campaign will be in full swing, clean up illegal information for better development of the Internet Chinese Internet play a good role in promoting. Center of gravity long renovation has been placed in the number of personal website, and captured a large number of dare to wind the crime criminals, it is cheerful! However, this afternoon, I browse "Chinese portal website ranking", there were many illegal websites when there is more in the meantime, even a yellow website recommended ranking in TOP10 website! Open the website ranking wind " R= top left most eye-catching position, the overall ranking rose TOP10, eighth, www.se7**.com .

      the author at the same time to view the Chinarank of the Alexa Rankings, 4623, daily visits reached 64500. So the flow of the site stately links to illegal information, adverse impact inevitably to our large number of young people, in the maintenance of the mission of the Internet health information, the author intends to report this website to the supervisor organization, but when the scroll bar onto the bottom, a line of words: "Chinese greets Internet association"……

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