Tuniu network duright bet a trillion market exists


want to travel? Click on the mouse or make a phone call according to their preferences to choose a variety of tourist routes, accommodation, attractions tickets have to help you solve. Yu Dunde founded the tuniu network for the booking service to provide tour pal.

founder: duright

location: Nanjing

industry: Internet

Company name: Nanjing tuniu

Technology Co.,

age: 30

2010 Revenue: nearly 400 million yuan

Because the love of

website, want to pursue a career in this field; and because love travel, he saw more opportunities in this market. So, in duright business began from tourism website. In 2006, he was 25 years old, with several partners founded the tourism products e-commerce site the way cattle Network, from the sale of tourist routes. The annual growth rate of the website is very good, up to 300%; in 2010, the company’s annual sales performance has been close to 400 million yuan, this year, he was 29 years old.

for the Dunde, do early is not strange thing. As early as in Southeast University during the reading, in duright school website "pioneer net" for a long time, when he met Yan Haifeng and now with the COO partner. During the period of school is actually very frustrating, but also made a number of entrepreneurial attempts, but are not very successful; it can not talk about entrepreneurship at that time, but it can not be easy to understand the money to do." So, in duright when it realized that the early start will be a coin spent breaking in half the importance.

2004, the 23 year old Yu Dunde joined the six or seven person startup bokee.com (now known as blog: China), served as technical director, responsible for products and technology, witnessing the rise of Web2.0. The ups and downs of bokee.com and told Yu Dunde, "venture enterprise business model to a single, do solid business is very important." One of the important reasons for this is the way cattle net today shengengxizuo online travel products. Yu Dunde said that only travel routes booking, do deep penetration is a success.

A year after the

, duright added another start-up Parenting Network as CTO. The experience of the site also allows him to do a deeper understanding of the industry website. Although do help Parenting Network Industry Web site first, but Yu Dunde has always felt that with parenting young mothers are inextricably linked to the industry, should not be the ultimate ownership of the seven feet tall, he hopes to show their love in the industry.

in the entrepreneurial process in fact, pay a lot of tuition fees, tuition fees to pay more, learn more things." Yu Dunde said half jokingly. After graduating from this experience so that Yu realized that a similar blog, community and other generic sites need a lot of money to do support, profit model is not easy to quickly established, the competition is fierce. >