Small Adsense promotion website experience and skills disclosure (2008)

do stand for some years, all kinds of garbage station site has done a lot, harvested by SEO is there, but for long-term benefits and a stable income has nothing at all! Here is actually can have SEO, but if you want to pass the SEO of permanent income and the possibility of success almost is very small, there are a lot of growing up so that a successful stand factors, SEO is just a way, can not rely too much on.

Before do

webmaster daily thing is sitting computer doing their things, often get out constantly on the run between the body, but it seems there is not much improvement, from beginning to end is their role in the play of many garbage station manufacturers, when we don’t have to change a visit idea to do a love interest website and how to work hard to make him, let users love, can long retain users do this step, I think maybe you are not far away from success, and this is my current direction, don’t know what you think of


webmaster and extension staff according to their website the website promotion identify the direction of your rapid profit, only for the benefit of the promotion is a good generalization of the above is my these years do stand for some specific experience, good words not to say to the text, is in recent years marketing experience give you a prompt detours summary. Perhaps you do every day after the promotion of the 1.2 period of time after the summary of experience, then the flow in front of the


advice: promotion is a process of accumulation, anxious, often counterproductive. The site is also a continuous exploration and summary the experience of a long process, you need to use the brain to think out. So that we can have a better future.

, looking for a mass software, and even spend money to buy what the Almighty marketing, forum small assistant, QQ group, Taobao group, a businessman, Post Bar kuaizui and so on, but the mass of the skills and methods still need to pay attention to some of the. Otherwise, the effect is often the biggest disadvantage and benefit! Here I do not reject the mass is only in the hands of some people is a weapon, and in some people’s hands is a bomb. I believe you will realize some more thought principle. TechWeb- technology community 8c8a’c8V$u’[email protected]

two, more learning and learning SEO, see the SEO article to perform, there will be a harvest soon, but the need for a time of the process, the key to see how the patience of the webmaster, and still want to learn some new.

three, by observing the BAIDU benchmark, your keywords to find relevant content of a website promotion forum posts, but must pay attention to the way.

four, through the collation of the article in the form of statistical promotion, use properly, the effect is also good!

five, web site promotion: most of the station is the station group development, with the music station, and then a Flash station, and then a web site, or the image of the station station, etc.