How to solve the problem of slow snapshot update

has encountered a lot of Web site optimization personnel website snapshot is updated every time, looking forward to quickly update snapshot, but every time has not updated for several days not updated, how is this going? And the web site has not updated snapshot how to be good, this let many webmaster be taken by surprise. Melancholy. There are a lot of people believe that their own web site optimization is not practical, what is wrong, but a snapshot of the site or so! But as a SEOER how to solve the website snapshot update slow? Here I’ll share with you to optimize my experience, I hope to help you, please forgive me if there is a default.

1, a website to update the snapshot of the speed, it depends on Baidu’s impression of the site. Because Baidu love grab some new things, so if the website snapshot update slow to consider whether the site is original, high quality original fresh site is Baidu spider like, it will not retain the grab. Therefore, the content of the site should be based on the original content.

website content updates must have rules, the best established what time every day to update the article, although the number can not, but there must be regularity. Adhere to a month, I believe Baidu spider will recognize your site. So the spider will come to your site every day, absorb the essence of the site, to achieve the update of the site snapshot is no longer difficult.

2, followed by the site is stable. A web server is not stable, then this site is unhealthy. If the site is normal and often will make the search engine that this site is not stable, it will not be so easy to include web site, the snapshot is not updated naturally. Therefore, our website needs to have a stable server, otherwise we do is also good in vain!

3, but also to pay attention to the site of the chain. Each site has a very complex peripheral links as support. But the complex does not mean much, if crazy hair chain, not only will not play a good role, but will play the opposite effect. Add the chain website also need regular, we can not say that the new site just outside the chain, a site on the thousands of tens of thousands, fool all know you are cheating, don’t update your Baidu snapshot is also a reasonable. The site of the chain also do step by step, slowly improve, can not be fast and slow. Otherwise, it will be easy for Baidu to think that you are cheating on the police.

4, and finally, we should pay attention to the site’s links and long tail key words collocation. The website has not just rely on the title, but also the key words and long tail keywords as the subtitle dependent. At the same time should not be too large for the website keyword density, is not the Han soldiers here we should pay attention to The more, the better., is a degree, if the site optimization keywords after this, it will give the illusion of a search engine to cheat, then Baidu will not grab spider, update your website snapshot. Second, the website >