Two years ago, the Spring Festival after Deng yuan FA this year has been a net worth of 1 billion on

is only 6 years old, has tasted the taste of the fickleness of the world in the Spring Festival; the street lamps and candles of a myriad families living overseas, tears swallow a pack of instant noodles; had to hang on for months, 4 hours of sleep a day, morning to part-time.

in the United States crazy gold rush, entrepreneurship two times, now in the United States has 9 sets of real estate, worth over 1 billion yuan, this story sounds like ‘history of gold, but a real experience of 90 boys.

because of my father’s business failed, Deng Yuanfa prematurely realized the record since after the fickleness of the world, will never pass through the new clothes, wear is always relatives brother’s old clothes. Relatives, the school’s strong gap between rich and poor contrast again and again to stimulate Deng Yuanfa.


18 year old

battles the U.S. $100

grew up in the United States because the uncle’s favorite, get the chance to go to the United States at the age of 18, but he did not rely on the self respecting uncle, all assets only carry clothing and parents all for $100. The first job is in a Chinese restaurant, 1 hours and $10, all of which are owned by the restaurant. He made a $600 blank room with a part-time rent, then 4 piece of wood, a simple bed plate assembly.

rent is the day of the Chinese on the thirty, and paid the rent the rest of the money can only afford to buy a packet of instant noodles. Thirty evening, Deng Yuanfa biting the noodles, sitting in a small room alone, thinking about leaving their parents, determined to stay in the United States, put down the words, tears started in her eyes, said endless desolate and helpless.

but the road of their choice, no matter how hard it is to go on. The next day, Deng Yuanfa day and 3 jobs, with their increasingly skilled English, play articulate the expertise of more than 1 years, from the restaurant to the cafe to Pizza Hut manager, Deng Yuanfa daily income is $more than and 400, with a average American white collar wages.

sleep 4 hours a day in the stock market legend

funds accumulated slowly can not meet the persistent 90 ambitions, in addition to a part-time job, Deng Yuanfa also speculate in the stock market, "at that time was only 4 hours of sleep every day, and see my mother video, she always looks distressed tears." Deng Yuanfa recalled the past, more than 1 part-time home early in the morning, get up at 6 in the morning, 3 hours to see the stock, then go out to work… Within 8 months 20 thousand principal earn hundreds of thousands of dollars, so repeated day for Deng Yuanfa, in 2011 completed his first set of $about 500000 down payment on a house.

is a crazy million car business profit light casting company

opportunities in all eyes skip, but few people hold. Deng Yuanfa on the road often see the airport bus loaded with passengers, in short supply, Deng Yuanfa decided to buy friends and minibus car to.