The United States seeking nurturing website registered over million


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"have" in China what is not on the table, in the United States has led to the SeekingArrangement’s "seeking Nurturing" website. There are rich single old man (Sugar Daddy), as well as the girl who wants to make money Sugar Baby. The founder of Singapore said that the platform is to help those who are the same as their own "poor only money," the old man to find a girlfriend.

registered users over $per month to spend $50

according to foreign media reports, the United States seeking nurturing website SeekingArrangement has more than 1 million registered members, of which the rich old male users in about 120 thousand, that is to say more than seeking nurturing female users accounted for 88% of the total. Unlike traditional dating sites, SeekingArrangement is a naked money deal. Here’s the male user only needs to fill in each month can provide nurturing budget, while female users fill in the target income. If they can agree on the amount of money to complete the transaction. The site charges only 50 yuan per month ($2400 per month), and an extra $a year to be a diamond member.

can be easily opened at home and easy to understand without pornography advertising

in English, much older than the other half of the people who provide material support is called Sugar Daddy, and those who go to the material to young people is called Sugar Baby. SeekingArrangement provides a trading platform for Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby, mainly to the old enough and a single old man (Sugar Daddy) to find a girlfriend, want to make money the girl called Sugar Baby, it is understood that there are a lot of American famous university.

in the country, the site can easily open. Subsequently, the reporter opened this site, found that there is no pornographic content pages, the page is more concise.

founder from Singapore just to find a girlfriend like himself and

Brendon, the founder of Singapore, said that such a platform is entirely out of their own needs Wey. He graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology with an annual salary of up to $six, and he had tried various traditional dating sites after his divorce. He said that because he is not tall and not only rich, so a lot of people look at his photos on the following. So, in 2006, he began to do the SeekingArrangement site, hoping to help those who are the same with their own money, the poor old man to find a girlfriend.

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