Domain consolidation chain reaction small domain name registrar affected by the deadly

December 24th, IT Sohu was informed that with the Ministry of industry and the implementation of the new CNNIC domain name and room number close, common domain name registrar business is affected, and the domain registrar is subject to a fatal blow.

, who is not willing to be named, said the person in charge, before the CNNIC deal, the overall voice of the domain name industry is to encourage individuals to register domain names, which also resulted in the active and relaxed domain name market. After the introduction of the new deal, no longer allow individuals to register, trade domain names, which caused the majority of domain name registrar.Cn domain name registration basic stagnation.

at the same time, the Ministry issued the relevant provisions of the management of the domain name, not on the site without registration of domain name resolution (including jump), since recently, the country also has occurred in the closed room, tens of thousands of small sites affected. The source said, the domain name registration business, it is with the customer in the same chain of interests, so the country again and again stressed the record, but the Registrar may turn a blind eye; in the domain name industry, real name is actually few, a large number of domain names are used to invest idle,. The national strike did not record the domain name, domain name registration business will lead to loss of a large number of customers, have a great influence on.

other reliable sources disclosed that the network number domain registrar has passed CNNIC to the Ministry of Communications Administration submitted industry recommendations, is mainly for: 1, do not allow the registration of individuals is not reasonable; 2, the domain name can not be traded is not reasonable; 3, the domain name cannot hoard is not reasonable; 4, government the record site to the Registrar a domain name registration interface (or can not determine whether the domain name for the record).

however, vice president Huang Haijun civilink denied the proposal submitted, and that the network did not have great influence. The Yellow Sea’s military said, all the main customers are business users, are not affected by the CNNIC regulations. At the same time, around the main room shut down in order to combat not filing website and website pornographic content, and record customer million net rate as high as 99.99%, the impact is very small, civilink is also in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of monitoring content, so the network is not affected by the stop of the real and the server.

yellow Navy says, by contrast, and the domain registrar is greater, because of the small and medium-sized business registration usually through low-cost domain name to attract customers, the customers are mostly personal registration and not after the filing of the customer.

according to industry sources, the majority of domestic domain name registration and transaction of small domain name registrar has been a fatal impact. "I don’t know what to do next, if this situation continues, we only have closed their doors." A small domain name registered in the CN domain name registration.

previously served as Sina executive vice president and vice president of the week that anchor nets have a certain influence, relevant measures to rectify the national domain name registrar of the domain development, but also affect the size of the main domain registrar > see