Grassroots Adsense a wonderful news week (6.3-6.10)

1 site focused on the launch of the site advertising Alliance Daquan channel 

station network in order to facilitate more webmaster, special finishing alliance Guinness channel   

instead of   

the other week finishing the new alliance specific products, recommend people information alliance.At the same time finishing all

2. for the website I lost too much (a)   a webmaster documentary series of Novels

. To a website, I gave up College

      04 years, has been quietly doing the website, I did not communicate with others, low-key, not that I don’t want to communicate with others, but because I don’t know how to communicate with others. Until today, I was the first time I have been reluctant to touch the keyboard to touch, knock on my heart of the past, dedicated to my favorite woman. To silence for the dedication of their own youth website webmaster brothers, I hope some people will remember me: Daoxiang lay!

3. easy to talk about the promotion of soft Wen a small trick 

4. 2007 China’s network of rivers and lakes, the top ten personal brand ranking

2007 China Internet arena ten personal influence ranking

61 in the morning, a friend sent me a June 1, 2001 Sohu technology to Youth Daily an article: China network of rivers and lakes ten "individual" network brand ranking, he also wrote an article: 2007 Chinese ten large network of rivers and lakes "personal influence ranking, as follows:

5  the station together with bibipu, to many owners opened T-shirt shop  
  P ( have the largest online t-shirt design website.   at present a lot of personal website, individual >