The 1000 trust alliance website for joining Alipay

      to improve the domestic Internet trust environment "Internet trust plan" launched by Alipay after the launch of a week, by the large number of site support, there have been more than 1000 website registration application to join the trust business alliance.

according to the relevant person in charge of Alipay, has become the standard trust businesses include: signed the relevant agreement with Alipay, the company signed with Alipay records of not less than three months, no malicious deception cause consumer complaints records, have good social reputation and the reputation of the industry. Once a Alipay trust business, the site will be placed on the "trust business" logo, in addition to enjoy Alipay payment in full security, "the Internet Trust Base" will also generate a belongs to business authentication page, to prevent identity theft.

The first Alipay

trust business representatives, the largest welfare lottery to buy purchasing platform "I" website CEO Gao Lei said, through the network to buy lottery tickets without physical transactions between the two sides is just a string of numbers, which is the trust building. In the initial stage of the site, the third party payment platform Alipay credit endorsement help "I" quickly established a trust of the users, but also promoted the rapid growth of the site.

It is reported that

, in 1000 registration website, in addition to online games, digital communications, air tickets and other industries, the Alipay trust plan also attracted real estate, insurance and other traditional industry attention, for example, 960 real estate transaction network through cooperation with Alipay, Alipay "credit guarantee" mode based on the introduction of innovative housing lease model.

Alipay relevant responsible person said, the next Alipay will be based on business cooperation credit records, launched trust businesses more, to become a trusted network the main economic activities, the person also told reporters that the current trust businesses and implement credit system will complement each other, "Taobao" diamond "and the" crown "is in fact to help buyers make a judgment when shopping, no one hundred percent guarantee there is no problem. But Alipay trust label posted up, Alipay will use Alipay commitment of transactions in the impaired users, Alipay will implement the full payment system. The range of Taobao’s evaluation system covers more than Alipay’s label, the seller attitude and other factors into account, while Alipay is more clear and concentrated, the two together, buyers will be effective on the Internet to find the integrity of the business."

industry analysts believe that the cautious low-key Alipay so the grand launch of a "public service" activities, is seeking a trade envoy for authoritative discourse. "First-class enterprises sell the standard, as the core force of the development of standards, is the strength of their own, Alipay now has more than 50% market share, to the point where the rules of the game."