China’s 5 major logic of life and death is more important than the elite elite

first, the user is more important than the customer

some of the earliest business elite has a train of thought, that is closer to the money from the money, the closer the money.

but in the Internet, this logic is wrong; no matter China or the United States, this logic is wrong; some time ago Zhou Hongyi borrowed from Mao Zedong saying "people in the lost, people are kept up; in, you lose both," who is the user, is said to return; the.

example 1: the first launch of the bidding company, called Overture, this business model is very good, also to develop enough customers, rely on YAHOO and Google cooperation, once the market has become the most sought after capital of the company, but the problem is, he’s only business model and customer, but not their own user; suddenly one day, Google announced that no longer cooperate with overture to establish their own advertising system, overnight, the company’s performance by 2/3; YAHOO is Disasters pile up on one another., looking over, or sell it to me, or we are self Google advertising system; no counter-offer Overture chance had to commit; sell. Have the best quality customers, the most powerful business model, not the user base. In addition, DoubleClick empathy. Interested in shoes can check, doubleclick, the world’s largest advertising agency platform, has the most powerful advertising algorithm, high-quality customer base worldwide, because without their own users, how the share price plunged, finally forced to sell to google.

example 2:263 free online post office, once the market first, in order to pursue comprehensive income; mandatory upgrade to the paid version; their logic is similar to the mobile phone number, email address, email address will not change the high-end crowd; the funny thing is, not only lost their free users, subscribers also depleted, Chinese Internet wonderful case.

examples of 3:QQ, QQ and Ma Huateng initially did not make their own operating platform ideas, just want to put the system to the operator; the operators from the software engineering ideas to assess, how many people do things this month out? Such a calculation, QQ even 1 million yuan sold 1 million yuan, you’re not wrong! Ma Huateng was almost 800 thousand RMB!! he sold QQ, but just to see AOL’s acquisition of ICQ news, like $more than 100 million, according to a user how many money, pony eyes, the original Internet, user = money! He then according to the valuation results China re valuation, a variety of Internet elite laugh, Sina users can also be white-collar money, those QQ P small child is worth? No kidding! IDG seriously, the South African people seriously, those elites said, see, S B Africans, fooled by Ma Huateng. Today, there will be some people questioned the value of QQ users do not? But in the last two years, there are many people questioned 4399>