Jingdong 52 affiliates of the legal representative of the company became a girl after the 89

network transmission Zhang Pang (pronounced: p a ng) photos.

surging news reporter Yang Xinjie

this is probably the most inspirational Guan Peisheng case in history. She is a heavy, in the eyes of Liu Qiangdong "China good assistant".

August 2nd, the network broke the news that the Jingdong’s 52 affiliates or the legal representative of the executive director, the Jingdong chairman Liu Qiangdong changed to Zhang Pang (pronounced: P ng.).

Jingdong group, a subsidiary of industrial and commercial information changes, such as changes in the Jingdong recently occurred a lot. Source: national enterprise credit information publicity system

surging news found that access to business information, a subsidiary of Jingdong has a number of companies, including express delivery, financial data, and all the chips, IT and other business entities, in the last half year of the legal representative and other information changes. Such as "Beijing Jingdong century Information Technology Co. Ltd., the legal representative and executive director, on that day in April 27th, Liu Qiangdong became a heavy from.


is not in a heavy list of Jingdong executives, who are they? They attracted the attention of users, and even human flesh. Some netizens joked, "heavy in 1989 than in 1993 by the trust of tea sister brother


this, Jingdong aspects to the surging news is: in order to improve the efficiency of the company’s operations, the company’s non core entities of the legal representative of the change. These changes are in accordance with the company law and the articles of association and have no effect on the company’s operations.

As for a heavy

identity, the Jingdong said it is close to female assistant Liu Qiangdong.

said that "Jingdong manager change" and the title of the party posts, can wash sleep. ".

users out of Liu Qiangdong and the same frame with the photo of Zhang Pang.

in other words, the move is mainly to facilitate the Jingdong, shorten the internal signature process. In general, branches, subsidiaries, many companies, in addition to the main company, other non core companies often do not use CEO as a legal representative.

indeed, access to business information, Jingdong’s core entity "Beijing Jingdong three hundred six hundred degrees Agel Ecommerce Ltd" and "Jingdong of Beijing Century Trading Co. Ltd. Beijing Jingdong Financial Technology Holdings Limited" several companies such as the legal representative of the East is still Liu Qiang.

BAT actually did the same. The legal representative of Zhejiang Taobao Network Co., Ltd. is not Ma Yun, chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba, but vice chairman of the board of directors of Lu Zhaoxi. Baidu Online Network Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. is not the legal representative of Baidu chairman Robin Li, Baidu senior vice president of.

however, there are still users puzzled, if only a heavy assistant, why she appeared in the "Beijing Jingdong three hundred six hundred degrees Agel Ecommerce Ltd" three natural person shareholder of


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