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Qingdao Qishengda celebration supplies Development Co. Ltd. in recent years has made rapid development of business in a number of domestic city blossom everywhere. But just a few years ago, the company is still worried about how to open the national market.

company was founded in 1999, in the first few years of development, the majority of business is done by friends, customers are basically operating in the province. Manager Zhang Shengjiang has been thinking, what innovative marketing methods to allow more customers to understand the unique advantages of the company’s products, rather than relying on price war to grab the market.

finally, they found the Baidu. The company can achieve the status of today’s industry, and Baidu is inseparable from the promotion. Baidu promotion is not a simple marketing tool, even more important than the company’s most important salesman." Zhang Shengjiang introduction.

2005, Qi Shengda began to try Baidu promotion business, initially submitted "electronic business salute" keywords, the surprise is that this tentative measures should open a "treasure bowl".


with Baidu promotion, the company soon expanded, customers all over the country through a network of more than 80% customers come in a throng, are found through the Baidu company to customers.

"in the past, we sent a large number of clerks to run the business in the country; the promotion of Baidu, the country’s largest market in the US, whether in Xinjiang or Guangdong, you can find our customers whenever and wherever possible by Baidu." Zhang Shengjiang deeply felt the Baidu to promote the company’s sales brought great changes.

Qi Shengda’s business is in 2005 embarked on the fast track. Since the beginning of the year, Qi Shengda annual sales growth of around 2 million yuan, and sometimes more.

According to Zhang Shengjiang

, if you want to count the input-output ratio of Baidu promotion, this number should be 1:90, because each month Baidu promotion brought into the company’s sales is 90 times the cost of Qi Shengda! In the input-output ratio of Baidu reached about 1:90, this is a very alarming figure.

Baidu promotion not only brings more customers, and customers through the network of the company’s products on display, more than our salesman to his face to face the effect is better." Zhang Shengjiang told reporters, "a lot of our salute and celebration supplies needed to see the effect, we use the products of other projects in the field effect is made into a movie on the site, the customer is very intuitive to see".

Chinese commercial news reporter Luo Tim

business: spend a lot of energy to run the customer, in a sense may hurt the core competencies of the enterprise. The use of Baidu to promote low-cost and efficient means of promotion, not only can improve the marketing strength, and can focus on the depth of the customer