Grassroots network to make money M3 model

many people want to make money in the network, but always can not find a way. So crazy to see Ma, Tang Jun, Li Kaifu and other chiefs of the speech video, hoping to find some hope. In fact, those chiefs of the successful way for these grassroots we can not be copied. They are not ordinary people, have a great background and contacts. You think about a county tens of thousands of students, admitted to Tsinghua University is also a few. You ask the students who are admitted to Tsinghua university. And then you follow what they say to learn, you can go to Tsinghua University?. There’s a way to fix the guy’s success, but it’s not impossible for us to succeed. It’s just that we’re not as successful as they are. But if you follow the big brother said to do, you may even small success can not be obtained, leaving only a number of false desires.

so how can I succeed? What I call success is to make money, and I think the same is true for you and me. According to their own exploration in the Internet in recent years, I summed up the grassroots network earned M3 model. (M=money) may not be suitable for everyone.

M3 model = product + network marketing + product marketing.

first product. The product is a real product, a service, your own skills, or even your idea. For example, understand the product is actually their ideas. The product is his training services. Diet pills are real products, SEO is your skill.

The products in the

M3 model also include your ability to analyze other people’s products and find products. This is a very important ability, because we have limited resources, limited technology, limited ideas. What we do not have, we have to borrow, that is, analysis found that the product. Its core lies in the ability to analyze. You like others in the QQ group issued a product advertisement, ordinary people see after thought is: TMD, another advertising, I T you Y, I don’t think you can get me, what? But the analysis ability will get to the point, but not the point after going to buy the product, but the analysis of the characteristics of this product, and the profit is not suitable for online promotion. I used to promote their own products DHC is found in this way. Of course, there are many ways, if you are interested can add my QQ:1211296416 exchange.

below to say the M3 model of network marketing. The core of network marketing is to bring traffic. There is a traffic may be traded. Just like a stall on the road hawkers, they will choose the place in the stream of people. Network marketing includes too many things: soft Wen marketing, SEO, QQ marketing, image marketing, video, e-mail, forums, SNS, etc..

here I want to focus on the recommendation of the soft marketing. Compared to other network marketing, soft marketing has many advantages. A: the flow is directed