Virtual host selection dilemma

I am

from about 02 to about 03 years and began to contact the business website, the first statement, I am not a professional webmaster, China network environment, the best to do stand as interest is better, a little from the net income of course the best, but do not rely on this meal, unless it is your lifelong wish, oh! The ideal long live


started is to help friends to do a small forum, ASP had just fashionable, very popular dynamic network forum, basically do the so-called personal station, Chengdu eight is a forum. In fact, I also do not understand what is the result, Dongtuoxituo, a friend recommended I use the virtual host Sichuan registered net, hundreds of money, forget the specific number. The situation is very general, the speed of the general, occasionally a little problem, but the solution is still in a timely manner, when people ask is not high, two or three days to solve, it has been satisfied. Later, they help other friends to do the station, want to experience a few, with Chinese name, Western Digital, digital engine, several first host relatively to the Western Digital impression of the best, faster, less problems, but the price is slightly higher. I tend to be more cautious, not too cheap, so the host operator is not equal to the level it is copycat, mid-range, high-end new network, network, e-commerce and so on China is much too expensive for me. Another fact to these so-called high-end is not always expensive, their customers are divided into various grades and ranks the highest level, such as the level of user agent to give the most preferential price, the price is simply and copycat manufacturers almost, but this I do not enjoy preferential. I think so far, this level of marketing strategy for the user is too short, the network business, it is directly to the customer, as far as possible to reduce intermediate links, compression costs, expand customer base. And their approach has become an obstacle to the development of China’s network.

also known as the free host I used a volcano host and Bo four Internet, are free for 1 years, but in 1 years, I did not renew, the two inside the four Bo interconnection can be a good point, I also want to renew, then used a fast for years, have a chat with their customer service day, he accidentally told me that the future renewals of the host, is also now using free hosting, after listening, I can’t renew interest.

now comment on host operator I used several, just said, Western Digital is relatively the most satisfactory; Chinese name, speed and stability of almost a little, but also can endure, cannot bear is their customer service, is very poor, I believe we can see me can understand for operators, demand is not high, but the name lengbuding off my station, there is no argument, I later surmised, probably because the website has a forum, when the record of the forum is very strict requirements, there is no record of these must be closed, but everyone can understand that. I asked this question all the online customer service, no one answer to me. There is a reason that Internet domain name is the new network agent, in the net to buy the domain name, they don’t tell you.