Li Shanyou it’s better to die than to make money

"do not make money, or give me death!" This is the current Cool 6 network chairman and CEO Li Shanyou entrepreneurial slogan. Cool 6 network in advance through small-scale users, small-scale revenue, relying on cost control to achieve a profit, but then through the big investment, the scale of the stage, is the key to determine the profitability of video sites.

and other peers for the investment site, the child can not set the wolf less than the temperament are not the same, Li Shanyou at the beginning of the attention to the pursuit of the pursuit of the profitability of the business model and the reality of the problem

"do not make money, or give me death!" Incumbent Cool 6 network chairman and CEO Li Shanyou entrepreneurial slogan loud voice. After retiring in April last year, the chief editor of Sohu, Li Shanyou joined the video sharing site entrepreneurial army, becoming one of hundreds of such entrepreneurs.

when hundreds of millions of dollars lost to the video sharing website to bandwidth, market and personnel in the fire burned into ashes when Li Shanyou soundless and stirless, "hiding" in rural Beijing a two storey building, withdrew his own investment 2 million yuan.

when almost all of the world video sharing sites have not achieved massive profits, Li Shanyou is no exception, but he founded the cool 6 network, with other peers for investment website "to bear a child sets the wolf" temperament are not the same, Li Shanyou at the outset the realistic problems on the stage the pursuit of profit and business model.

in June 1st last year, Li Shanyou in the western suburb of Beijing a white two storey building, he invested 2 million yuan officially started. He had a few people eat all on the first floor, on the two floor, a year rent is only 150 thousand yuan.

Li Shanyou said he was abandoned in the annual income of millions of dollars in Sohu, began to invest in the video sharing site venture, is optimistic about the industry – a strong wind to the pigs will fly. He agreed with Bill ·, said at an annual meeting in Davos, the Internet will subvert the status of television in five years in the next years.

at the same time, China’s broadband infrastructure began to mature, and video sharing sites have become a necessity for venture capitalists – almost every venture capital voted a video sharing site.

but Li Shanyou soon realized that his $2 million would soon be over. Because of the huge demand for video sharing site bandwidth, hire a year 1G bandwidth, requires $1 million 200 thousand, while the cool 6 network to buy at least more than 10 G.

"I’ve spent almost all of my lifetime connections." Li Shanyou eventually found his source of bandwidth from Guangdong, Maoming and Harbin, even allowing him to pay for his money.

good cost control consciousness, let Li Shanyou need to invest millions of dollars to buy bandwidth than the annual founders at the site more easily on the road, concentrate on solving the problem: the other followed content, business model, flow, financing.