Business progress difficult car service O2O closed constantly

from the second half of last year, only car wash this business together, e car wash, I love to wash the car and many other O2O car wash project failures, including car maintenance, including the automotive market after entering the shuffle stage.


source: Vision China

"this is a huge industry," a Hubei auto repair clerk Wang Gang on interface news reporter said, "in the 4S store, repair personnel will make minor repairs to overhaul."

for example, the total pump tube is broken, the worse it only a few dollars, but the maintenance staff will advise you to change the whole assembly, spending will reach 100 yuan; when the engine overhaul, obviously without replacing the eccentric shaft, the repairman dare to deceive consumers said changed to the user, without reason the bill.

these are the real case cited by Wang Gang to reporters, he confessed he had done something similar. The car market after the default "unspoken rule" haunt people. The maintenance staff and representation of CCTV in 2015 3· several 4S shops on the same exposure of 15 Party – Dongfeng Nissan in the spark plug is obviously simple loose, but was asked to replace.

such cases be too numerous to enumerate. 4S shop rent high, operating costs, natural move up the crooked brains, want to transfer the cost to the user’s head. In China, large square 4S shops can often see, plus the standard decoration and staff training, the cost is difficult to control; in daily life, we can also observe this trend, many 4S stores in Beijing have been open to the outside of the rings.

this also brings new opportunities for independent maintenance of the store.

on the one hand, the community shop to live and work from the user closer, community operators as long as 150-400 square meters of shops demand more flexible; on the other hand, simple maintenance, car washing, tire replacement has been completely can be done in a community store.

in Europe and the United States, 4S stores in the car after the service market is very limited. 4S stores in the automotive service market accounted for only about 30% of the market share, independent maintenance channels to account for more than 70%.

in order to integrate resources, standardize the market, the management of these community stores and independent maintenance channels, around 2014, the car market after the Internet entrepreneurship projects have sprung up.

, which is also the most intense part of the car market capital investment. The venture capital financing case in 2014 O2O car market after the field of as many as 67, 10 times in 2013, the total amount roughly reached ten billion yuan; and in the three months of 2015, these two data were 9 and 4 billion yuan.

only "car" together in this business, it gives birth to a lot of high subsidies to grab the market through the O2O car project, such as washing, washing, quack > e