Everyone film and television shooter network closed domestic film and Television Resources Station s

A5 webmaster network (admin5.com) November 23rd news, following the film and television, said the temporary closure of the station, clean up the content, yesterday evening, the website also announced the official website of the official closure.

"the net value of the striker and I hope that more people across the country in order to understand the different culture…… But the era of Sagittarius needs to be gone……" Since then, with the American fans for 15 years, not to profit for the purpose of the subtitle group, personal website subscene officially closed.


in early October 29th, everyone in the film because of copyright pressure on the official micro-blog voice, "everyone in the film website at the end of November will completely remove all copyright free resources to download links, but our TV and film subtitle translation will continue, we will continue to provide the caption text and open class Download", subsequently, the micro-blog quickly has been deleted.


November 21st, everyone in the film can not be accessed, Post Bar rumors have been closed down all television broadcasting 5 servers, said law enforcement authorities, without the introduction of the film, the film has the right to unauthorized translation, in addition, we will continue to seize other administration overseas movie subtitle group, resources and other related websites.

everyone off the station

radio and television law enforcement agencies to seize the video server site

two foreign movies and television programs necessary to see the site is the survival of the domestic film and television resources worrying

everyone film and television, in 2006 from the YYeTs subtitles group, to become an independent forum, is also one of the earliest established, one of the most influential subtitles group.

subscene, free from personal homepage hodgepodge in 2000 to September 2001 officially joined the caption element, to be in the film subtitle Chinese based information exchange platform, web shooters are just a pure personal website, no fees, no capital operation does not involve any profit.

2014, the movie resources website and subtitles group websites began to be one by one on the crown of "tort" charges, in this era of choice to stop rectification, or die.

everyone in the film has repeatedly for filing, copyright and other customs station rectification, "the first domestic subtitle groups" has repeatedly said that "our drama and film subtitle translation will continue, we will continue to provide the caption text and open class download", however, in the face of the General Administration of copyright issues suddenly seriously, survival status of resource website domestic video download, subtitle groups such as already worrying.

copyright color increase, gray space is compressed to

in the more than and 10 years of "fuzzy copyright" zone, everyone, such as film and television and the shooter network resources