Google AdSense has been officially support Western Union payment

      in Chinese, Google AdSense has only provided us dollar cheque payment, this brings a lot of trouble to the webmaster, because from the check collection until the final success, take a long time. Although earlier news that Google AdSense will be launched in China this year, bank transfer payment, paid directly to the yuan, but still no trace. On the contrary, after a small range of several months of testing, Western Union finally became an official way to pay Google AdSense second in the Chinese.

      now log into my account AdSense background, > > > > account settings; payment details [modified], you can choose Western Union as a payment method:

      if you are not familiar with what is western union, see:       " the remittance business is Chinese postal and Agricultural Bank China and the western United States joint Nationwide Financial Services Inc (hereinafter referred to as the Western Union Company) established in collaboration with international express personal remittance business, is a few minutes to arrive international remittance. At present, the country has 31 provinces (area / city) more than and 500 Chinese postal outlets and agricultural bank outlets China capital city and main city opened the remittance business. "       in other words, Western Union is much faster than ordinary cheque payment:       " fast – remittance by the world’s most advanced technology in the world, real-time international remittance processing timeout of more than and 180 countries and regions. Cash in a few minutes can receive the payment.       convenient remittance simple formalities. In Chinese, relying on the network system Chinese postal and Agricultural Bank of large, Western Union agent network has spread all over the country, and the remittance settlement currency for the people of       currency, does not require complicated dollar check collection procedures.       global security electronic system security – Western Union remittance to ensure the safety and operation for the customer to verify the password, the remittance safely delivered to the designated payee. "       western union fees:       the amount of hair sinks (dollars) fee ($ );       15.00  500;   500.01; 20.00  1000;     "