Let us love [public] heart into a heart of the Great Wall!


below for the reference:

has a small life is lucky, she experienced a huge disaster, but her memory, forever is the warm embrace of his mother, because she is the mother with weak but overwhelmingly strong body as she blocked all danger and oppression, mother sweet milk into her blood, in her young life, brought together two people survive. My mother fell asleep, never wake up, the baby fell asleep, the dream is gone she is most familiar with the flavor of milk, "child, if you can live, we must remember that my mother will always love you, yes, everyone of us will not forget you, the greatest mother, we will always miss you remember, every one of the deceased.

the great mother uses her weak body for the survival of this little life. The mother left him forever, the maternal love also follows. His body needs nourishment, and his heart needs to be watered. Let us use our "heart" into a "heart" of the the Great Wall, to care for him, to love him.

one more week time to six · a children’s day, the most affected children will live in a tent he (she) are the "six · a children’s day. If at this time he (she) can receive your holiday gift, he (she) will temporarily forget the pain in front of him (her) innocent smile. This gift will give him (her) a lifetime of memory, and even affect his or her life. Are you willing to do such a love "heart", that is the time to take action, take out your pocket money to the disaster areas of the children to buy a gift in the mail, so that he (she) who feel every one of us who love him (her).

ten dollars may not be too much for most of us, but that he carries the love heart". As spring sowing in general he (she) in their heart, let them grow, let him (she >