Ali officially landed on the NYSE in 8 ecological representative rang the opening bell

Ali 8 ecological representative rang the bell at the New York Stock Exchange

          sina science and technology news September 19th evening news, Alibaba group landed on the nyse. The opening bell sounded the moment, the eight faces of Zhang Mosheng is on stage to accept the whole world’s attention, they are the guests bell tonight. Video: Ali 8 ecological representative rang the opening bell

 : "we’ve been fighting for so many years, not to stand up for ourselves, but to get them on the stage." Ma Yun said at the New York Stock exchange.

bell a total of eight – two shop owner, courier, user representatives, a business service provider, network model and cloud service, there is a farmer from the United States, Peter Brugger, · his orchard with cherries, and these fruits through Tmall sold to the far side of the globe the Chinese.

and the vast majority of companies are completely different, the Alibaba is not the bell company executives and their friends. At this moment, Ma and Alibaba partnership people, along with employee representatives standing in the audience, as the bell ringer long applause.

listed bell is the most solemn ceremony of the exchange, Alibaba now choose the world’s most unique bell, "ecosystem" in the global debut, and "ecosystem", an important emphasis on vocabulary investors since also Alibaba since the launch of the IPO.

we are not relying on a few technical innovation, or some magic created by the founder of the company, "Ma said," but a by tens of thousands of believe in the future, I believe that the Internet can make commercial society fairer, more open, more transparent, more should be free to share the participants jointly invested a lot of time, a the ecological system of energy and enthusiasm built up."

Ma letter to shareholders, the ecosystem of the word appeared 24 times.

former Olympic diving champion Lao Lishi is now the owner of a shop in, her sports career in July this year and complete farewell, opened a shop, "can not gorgeous, but must turn around," Lao Lishi said.

28 year old Sichuan girl Wang Shujuan, after two years of study in Australia returned to the earthquake damaged home Qingchuan, to sell the local honey to the world.

according to public information, active in the Alibaba group "China retail platform" (Taobao, Tmall, Juhuasuan) the seller has reached 8 million 500 thousand, more than 4000 generation operators relying on Taobao Tmall platform to provide services for businesses.

Wang Zhiqiang

farmer network operators in the village business has been 6 years, many villages in China, farmers are beginning to go shopping, and through the network, through the network marketing of agricultural products and their products, and even the emergence of collective open shop, this phenomenon is called "Taobao Chinese media village", according to media.