Talking about China’s nternet e-commerce B2C


1 B2C simple essence

2 B2C relative to traditional stores and C2C different

Current situation and thinking of

3 B2C in China

4 domestic B2C giants strategy comparison

M2C A: another kind of B2C on the mode of

: Two: B2C micro Innovation: SNS marketing and membership bootleg

1: B2C’s simple nature:

B2C is a business to individual Internet e-commerce model, is a large online store. Currently the most popular and influential Chinese e-commerce mode or C2C mode, but not C2C because B2C has many advantages, so whether it is the development of the Internet industry is still more optimistic about the capital circle B2C (some characteristics of C2C is B2C may not have).

two: B2C relative to the advantages of traditional stores:

1: compared with the advantages of traditional stores:

compared with traditional stores, B2C site has many advantages that the former does not have, these advantages make the network more suitable for people to shop than the store.

A:B2C can greatly reduce the cost of the store. The first is the store costs, the bigger the store to do to pay the higher the cost of the store, and the network does not need. Followed by the cost of personnel, store operations, the same number of goods need to sell a lot more than the number of shopping assistants, cashiers, waiters, cleaners, etc.. Finally, there are some utilities costs, renovation costs, etc.. Those online stores can save these costs to reduce the price of the product, which is the second advantage of B2C.

B: products more complete, lower commodity prices. Due to the low operating costs of the Internet B2C so things can be sold more cheaply, which undoubtedly makes the same product online shopping more attractive.

C: higher transaction efficiency. Whether consumers or businesses, which are willing to see. Consumers can browse the selection of a huge number of goods, and quickly orders, companies do not need to find more shopping guide, and do not worry about the theft of goods.

D: no geographical restrictions, customers can be national or even global. Especially for brand stores, this will be more advantageous. Any industry in the Internet has a trend that is monopoly. Because of the geographical information and entities often have reason always around around the monopolist, and the Internet will break through geographical restrictions, fierce competition makes most cases will remain an industry oligopoly, such as Baidu, QQ, C2C communication search such as Taobao, B2C will be the trend of the subdivision (B2C subdivision of B2C oligarch).

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