The production process of marketing activities — Take 321 big promotion as an example


a, demand analysis

it is well known that this is the first step in the design, which is considered to be the most important step, as the overall style of the activity is determined at this step. We need to figure out what needs to be the party needs more than one person, who is the key to decide; through direct or indirect ways to collect the keyword is "lively" and "grab"; because it is to do the warm March 21st sales, so the whole page foil preheating focus is the promotion of the atmosphere and on March 21st that. The following is a brief sketch of the 321 preheat page on the left, as outlined below (right):


two, color extraction


three, creative ideas


demand plan, time and creativity of the three variables determines the quality of work; for example, a yellow triangle above the area, usually the area the greater the higher the quality; when the time is tight, it can improve the design quality of the creative part.

design process:


first through the analysis of demand, can be found throughout the activities are focused on time, divided into "00:00-09:00" and "00:00-09:00" for two time periods; so Lenovo to will have the time (or clock) to the layout of the page;


reference page collection, refining




prototype has emerged mind mapped, drew a sketch on paper, can also use the color fill in the software; the purpose is to evaluate the effect of low cost, to ensure that the scheme is feasible; if not satisfied at this time of the scheme can also adjust quickly, so you can avoid the risk of design later overturned again.


four, design and optimization


details of the main adjustment points:

1, optimizing the content of the activities and the corresponding relationship between the time to make it more clear


2, the background layer increases the variety of products to heighten the atmosphere of

graphic promotion



although the design time reserved for the designer only three days, but as long as the demand analysis to do a good job in the selection of the program, the same can be twice the result with half the effort. The above shared design process is only