The analysis of the marketing strategy of colorful ring service

              2005 in China market customized ringing tone will enter the stage, according to conservative estimates there will be 20% phone users will become the user customized ringing tone of this part of the user, will be in the equipment manufacturing, content and services spawned hundreds of billions of market demand. "Colorful ring" is a unified brand business customized ringing tone of the China Telecom, the mature market environment and the business has a clear profit model, to improve the solid PHS network and ARPU value, increase product viscosity has a good role in promoting.

SWOT analysis of

disadvantage is that the business started late, low user penetration. Two is the function of the platform is still not perfect, the fixed network mobile network is the realization of customized ringing tone complex telecom business operation customized ringing tone, customized ringing tone experience to be accumulated, and content providers, platform providers have to be run in.

Two years ago,

market preheat opportunities competitors, make the market awareness of the customized ringing tone is very high, Telecom to enter the market without investing a lot of publicity costs, take the market follower strategy, rapid accumulation of users, and lay the foundation for the future development of 3G business.

The challenge of

mobile and China Unicom Company’s value-added flexible operating mechanism, the strong momentum of development, customer oriented group brand strategy can be effective, the SMS business advantages of migrating to customized ringing tone service.

at the same time, a considerable part of the user or the PHS as low-end communication tool, the price sensitivity, including the demand for customized ringing tone is relatively weak.

analysis of the target user market trend for young people aged 18-28 consumer market is the focus of the target user is the first batch of colorful tone, colorful tone experience and spread.

they have the following common features:

(1), creative and independent, like fashion new things and willing to try;

(2), the majority of fashion supplies are enthusiastic consumers;

(3), the consumption of emotional, emotional satisfaction;

(4), with a certain purchasing power, and has a strong impact on the ability of others; this group is mainly concentrated in college students, young people who have just entered the work and corporate white-collar workers. These users can highlight their own characteristics on new in order to be different services, colorful ring service loyalty is very high, the main customers of telecommunications in recent years to win the group.

so for individual users, marketing demands should be put on colorful ring tone novelty and fashion. The business of government and enterprise user market