The domain name register book domestic 8 T people from the hands of the classical domain

IT industry leaders on the Internet often a word, an action can be a big fluctuation, a final decision is a groundless talk on the network, recently IT industry chiefs – Apple founder Joe closer his message, the domain name is groundless talk in the announcement, 36 hours, 600 Steve Jobs domain name registered, attracted attention in the domestic IT industry heavyweights for the domain name on the attitude, meters friends mining opportunities.

Baidu Robin Li highlights the domain name


Baidu search in the most well-known domestic, Baidu CEO Robin Li hand also holds the most valuable Larry domain, hand also has the "Baidu" brand series of products brand name, domain name, Baidu Robin Li is the most popular main phonetic domain, domain name strategy’s choice is this hand, Baidu’s video site Qiyi network, the two domain name system earlier purchase price, the seller is Cai Wensheng, Baidu Post Bar Larry domain (and acquisition), Baidu, Baidu new intellectual domain advertising platform hung media etc..

Tencent Ma Huateng created the "QQ" domain name


Tencent "QQ" products in the field of communication even champion, its founder Ma Huateng IT in the domain name industry popular figures, some friends interested in M Ma Huateng name and domain name registered domain name, Ma Huateng will take their name and domain name? The answer is a bit confusing, but the Tencent "QQ" products as the representative image, but is still on the folk! However, the domain name "QQ" because in many opportunities, Tencent have a new action whenever new products come out, some of the "QQ" series of domain name in the industry set off a "Q" domain name boom, Tencent have also held a series of "QQ" a combination of domain name, domain name, Q Q group, QQ online shopping space domain name domain name, and so on.

Cai Wensheng has a huge army of high-quality domain name


4399 games founder Cai Wensheng known as the "Master Wang" title, is the IT industry famous people, anecdotal its hand has about one hundred thousand Internet domain name, the total valuation of more than $100 million, the domain name has a foot in all walks of life, his experience in the domain name industry worth learning minon. It is understood that Cai Wensheng name domain name c>