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what kind of website is WikiLeaks a lot of people are asking this question?. One of the most direct answer is that it is an online leak site. The main work of the website is to publish confidential documents or reports from anonymous sources. Its positioning is to monitor the behavior of the government’s "secret" website. Because of this, it is not too much to say that it is the most dangerous website in the world.

Wikileaks has released a number of confidential government documents, a sensation in the world, but its main object of supervision is the United states. When at the end of July this year, Wikileaks published the confidential documents on the war in Afghanistan 90 thousand US military documents involved in the Iraq war deaths: 109 thousand people dead, including at least 66 thousand civilians, shocked the world.

WikiLeaks will undoubtedly make the U.S. government. In November 28th, "WikiLeaks" (WikiLeaks) by the U.S. government warned that the U.S. State Department says it will soon release the confidential documents will make "countless lives" at risk, and threaten the global anti-terrorism plan, and this is the third time the U.S. government leaked secret documents. But the incident happened on schedule. The same day, Wikileaks exposed more than 250 thousand copies of confidential documents allegedly at the State Department, many U.S. diplomatic insider will emerge in its totality.

WikiLeaks website is in trouble. According to Interpol, December 1st, said the leak site Wikileaks founder Julian – A-Sun issued an international arrest warrant, and to remind members of the arrest of founder of the founding of the people’s Republic of China, the Chinese people’s Republic of China, the United States and China, the International Criminal Police Organization, said in a statement on.

Wikileaks secret secret documents in the world, while their servers are constantly being attacked. European computer network security sources pointed out that the beginning of the attack WikiLeaks server located in France, but was later transferred to the Amazon cloud provided by two different hosts. One of them is located in the United States, the next week the site suffered a second wave of distributed denial of service attack (DDOS).

in the face of distributed denial of service (DDOS), Wikileaks will be transferred to the site traffic in France and the United States servers, including Amazon server. However, it pours, influence of WikiLeaks for the release of U.S. secret diplomatic cables caused by continuous fermentation, to provide stable server support for the United States, Amazon also deported, refused to service.

WikiLeaks continued to suffer massive denial of service attacks, so that users can not access the website within a few hours, the hacker attack method is often used, is to slow down the site or make a website, the WikiLeaks did not confirm the attacker, but Wikipedia decryption servers are attacks caused strong concern in the industry., a well-known IDC service provider in China, said that in a typical denial of service attack, a remote computer controlled by a malicious program would