Web site user account passwords openly selling 500 yuan to buy one million passwords



experts: the use of the same password in a number of places leading to stolen users should often change the password

claiming to be one of the most complete, the daily update of 300 megabytes of social work library site, open to sell their own Internet user account and password, this scene appeared in the Internet world. The site says it has a "30 billion rainbow library", "all the ciphertext can be instantly cracked". On its home page, the reporter saw the slogan of the site is pro can not find here, you can only invade the brain cells."

subsequently, the reporter found in the actual test, and now the site has stopped the registration service.

text / reporter Li Gang,

mysterious social worker library website: personal account password can be checked at any time

sale of user accounts and passwords, has been in the underground secret circulation, however, the social work library website is open to do business on the internet. In order to prove that he is the master of the user account password up to the most complete web site, to attract business, this site provides a special test of their account number and password stolen service.

in the site’s search bar to enter their email address, and then press the query, you can test whether the password is stolen. Our reporter also used the mailbox account for inquiries, impressively found not only their own mailbox password stolen, even a long time before the forum account has not been spared.

friends said, after his own inquiries enter 126 e-mail account, and then use the website feedback retrieval code search, find mail account has appeared on the page — that has been stolen! Through many tests proved that the website advertising is right.

there are network security staff worried, because this site is open, anyone can query, so personal information, it is easy to leak through this site.

Social Library Website’s main business is to sell their own account and password information to others, but also openly sell, as long as the money to sell. The reporter contacted by QQ and the person in charge of the library workers, offer 500 yuan can buy 1 million password, 100 yuan monthly, the package is 1000 yuan, can enjoy monthly and annual service package is a single check account number and password. When reporters questioned the authenticity of the account and password, the other replied, believe it or not, many people are buying.

network professionals have said in the past such transactions are hidden, this is the first direct public offer.


password stolen: a password to go through the network

those who steal other people’s account and password, what is the purpose of the analysis of the industry, they steal other people’s account after the micro-blog statement, one can