P2P net loan funds raised by Huaqiang wealth run crisis

news October 22nd, billion state power network that Sichuan letter, after the East, Wan Li, power and other Internet financial platform have been traced to not mention now, and a high interest from financial wealth platform Huaqiang traced capital chain tight, almost collapsed.

noted billion state power network, last night, Huaqiang wealth official website has hung out a letter of apology. The letter said, Huaqiang wealth due to lack of preparation, the lack of operational experience, resulting in capital transfer difficulties, has seriously affected the normal customer withdrawals.

for the specific operation current and capital flows, Huaqiang wealth explained that the website to collect about 9 million, of which 7 million yuan investment in coal mine, 2 million yuan investment forest (for the acquisition of shares).


Qiang wealth special mention of the coal mine, is one of the three coal mine in Tongling coal mine remediation only, is now the technical transformation. Technical renovation has been completed, the end of the month can realize the normal operation, starting next month will have a stable coal mine sales revenue of nearly 3 million yuan a month.

at the same time, this Thursday will be to Huaqiang wealth account a nearly 200 thousand yuan of funds. Then, according to the proportion of wealth promised to have Huaqiang payment application to cash customers to cash, and will begin the normal sales revenue in December 10th, smooth recovery for investors to cash application.

in addition, in order to dispel the doubts of customers and investors, Huaqiang wealth stressed that from the beginning of the date of payment of funds, without bidding, compensation per day thousandth the proportion of 1.1. Today will launch a total of 1 million of the second standard feedback investors, monthly yield of 0.5%.

billion state power network to understand, Internet banking fast as one hand stimulate the soaring value of related industries and stocks, on the other hand reflects the market puffiness and treacherous. The wealth is represented by a series of Huaqiang P2P financial platform has financial problems, to a certain extent, the alarm sounded for the Internet financial lending network mode.

according to official information, Huaqiang Agel Ecommerce Ltd is a company specializing in wealth investment management of private enterprises. According to the national policy of allowing private capital to initiate the establishment of private banks own risk, financial leasing companies and Consumer Finance Companies, more and more private capital began to emerge, by way of the Internet, to fully tap the potential for private funds, borrowing needs and investment needs of the users to build a financial trading platform.

data show that with the appropriate letter, Lu Jin, pat loans, peer-to-peer lending, venture capital Hongling, joint loan and a number of industry leader in the rise in the domestic hot P2P network lending. As of the end of 2012, the national scale P2P loan service platform more than 200, estimated in 2012 full year P2P industry loans in the scale of ~600 billion yuan, an increase of more than 300% over the previous year, can be P2P online statistics