The first day of the film market broke 800 million, watercress is only a share of the history of the

Abstract: this year’s tragic early in the new year file released before been heard, many small and medium size grade film collective downshift, left for the market "big fish".


file as early as the Spring Festival this year, before the release of the tragic have heard, many small and medium size grade film collective downshift, left for the market "big fish". Whether it is "the west" or "demon volts make Tianzhu or", "Kung Fu" and "Yoga" ride the wind and waves each movie, always find the market preferences, and creative films, mostly in the market has proved that he is an absolute box office appeal.

fish each "bite" is the most exciting game. The first day of the five film in one fell swoop the market continued to burn, perhaps is the best evidence. People relish in this movie box office output, praise in the Spring Festival Carnival in power. Crazy new year stalls, will give people too much talk.



film score watercress for only 5.74 minutes, compared to or over 800 million of the market, how many are shabby. This new year answer, really very satisfied with


Spring Festival file more monopoly trend, how to save reputation as a priority?

Spring Festival in 2016 the new mapping files on the first day, the "Mermaid", "Macao Fengyun 3", "journey to the west of the three hit version" formed "a situation of tripartite confrontation" situation. Not only the proportion of three films accounted for up to 85.9%, the box office also accounted for a total output of 95.2%. In the end, the total box office of the three films have broken through the mark of the "1 billion", and the "Mermaid" is the Chinese film box office champion. After such a spring festival, perhaps few people will predict the next second years will be more crazy.

this year, the first day of the new year’s Spring Festival, the number of new film up to 5, accounting for the proportion of the film, the box office accounted for up to 99.6%. This means that the Spring Festival is almost five files on the first day of the film "everything". Compared to last year, this year’s Spring Festival file more monopoly trend.

and box office from the current trend, the Spring Festival stalls before three again collective break 1 billion mark is not impossible, but "the west" demon volts is likely once again to attack the total box office 3 billion.

in addition to the monopoly of the new film, the Spring Festival this year, the capital is also facing a monopoly in the face of the situation. "Behind the west" demon volts gathered 21 Chupin, including 6 listed companies. While the rest of the film also have one or two listed companies in the behind. This has led to the inevitable emergence of the film ticket war.

four "seed" began in the early ticket layout, "havoc" appeared on the cat’s eye Tianzhu 9.9 yuan, 8.8 yuan ticket Amoy limit activities to grab votes. "The west" demon volts because behind the first gathering of online and offline resources, Amoy ticket are 8.8 yuan, the cat’s eye are >