ADMN5 webmaster network looking good artists, designers and programmers to join cooperation

After more than 1 years of operation and practice has proved that today’s era of vigorous development of WEB2.0, the owner of the demand for art is growing rapidly,

for more stationmaster friend needs, in order to make the long-term active in the network of outstanding designers, artists friends gathered together to seek greater development,

in the nationwide open recruitment of outstanding artists, designers, programmers collaborate.

– franchisees need to provide:

    1) contact QQ& mailbox; (in order to prevent individual PZ, contact QQ number level must be above level 16.)

        2) telephone (landline or mobile phone; fixed at least one.)

    3) valid documents; (ID card scanned image. Please be sure to add the watermark text on the scanned image, otherwise there will be no responsibility for Admin5

        4) (account number; support ICBC, China Construction Bank, China Merchants Bank, Alipay, caifutong.)

    5) works in the past; (web pages, please upload to the Internet, will be sent to the QQ:29925249 link, other types of works packaged into RAR compressed package sent to [email protected]

    above contact us will be unified together, in Admin5, Im286, Chinaz, Baidu, Google and other large web search related records,

    such as related fraud or other bad records that will not consider cooperation!

– successful A.D.T. art group membership designer will receive A.D.T. medal:;

    customer demand, A.D.T. administrator will be released within the A.D.T. group needs to notice, members have the ability to obtain orders started after the agreed price and complete the qualification period and other matters, will all the money paid to the customer

    Admin5 account ( after the completion of the designer to review by the customer, after the payment of satisfaction to the designer account.

    service oriented, customer first. Try your best to serve every customer.

    if within 30 days to get a 3 customer complaints, will suspend cooperation for 2 weeks; within 30 days of the 3 customers.