nvestment advisor analysis of 2012 textile projects to join the top three

if a friend wants to invest in home textile stores, then the first to join the chain and the national investment network – the whole business to play (http://s.shang360.com) Xiaobian to understand the next 2012 home textile project to join the status quo? There are three general overview of the status quo.
the first status: many enterprises home textile stores optimistic about new growth point. At present, the textile industry of a few competitive strength: the textile franchise brand high-end routes such as Mengjie, dinosaurs, yafangting, fuanna, grand, Carolina; other industries to enter a mainly textile and garment industry, such as, Angelo and other foreign company; as the American E – SPRIT, TRUSSADI, Italy, France Yifudelun Sheraton Australia etc.. In the case of the textile industry brand concentration is relatively low, foreign and new entrants to bring the advantages of the original, will change the current situation of the industry, prompting the industry to adjust.
third status: after 3 home textile stores the inevitable cold heat. The introduction of the market, the demand is relatively abundant, most of the home textile enterprises are holding only the dominant market, competitors can also share a cup of soup. However, with the increasing number of new entrants into the development and growth period, the industry from the hot to cold is inevitable. A large number of competitors, homogenization of the means of competition will inevitably lead to low profit industry, the market is getting smaller and smaller, thus sinking into the red sea". At present, the weak brand power of home textile brand is bound to make its anti risk ability is poor, resulting in a lot of brands out.
we mainly make a detailed analysis of the status quo from the three aspects of investment for home textile stores, with a lot of entrepreneurs in the future through a detailed reading of this paper, a more detailed understanding of the problems! In fact, for home textile stores entrepreneurs, as long as it is before investing in this project for this problem do comprehensive understanding. So entrepreneurs can better start.