Food and beverage business to do the 5 secret decryption

In the Chinese market

on catering industry have been very popular, and is also a hot industry investor, now want to successfully operate a restaurant, in fact, is the need to spend a lot of effort.

A: the secret of integrity, from the start of

in good faith, lost in integrity, the key lies in how you dig it’s gold. "Integrity" is a huge gold mine, in the catering business, if the commitment to the customer can come to fruition, will bring you a hundred times the power, don’t put food quality as "good faith" brand, to do business, the quality concept of food and commitment to customers three highly unified, this is a complete "integrity" brand, in order to establish an invincible position. Of course, from now on we should establish a "good faith" brand, from the start.

Secret two: visibility, new and old two balance

like Beijing Roast Duck, Tianjin Goubuli, Changsha huogongdian as a famous brand, today, in order to expand the catering market, not only to open the national chain, innovative technology, processing, taste also product. For the newly opened shop, with a new environment, new tastes, new fame advantage, it is clear that business is booming. But with the passage of time, internal management has been neglected, food quality and service quality decline, lack of innovation, lost a large number of customer source, it needs to establish long-term brand, make new fame into old fame, like McDonald’s, KFC,   long term to ensure the quality and hygiene, pay attention to innovation, not only for consumers to eat rest assured, but also improve the quality of service, guneng owns numerous consumers.

Secret three: IQ, money changers and distributors, three

to success is to learn to make friends, and a friend of you talking, he can’t help you through; a friend is good at director, he can help you through your third friends; the advantages of good integration before two friends, can help you through, this is a question the three indispensable. Of course, so also need money business, catering, business operators, the combination of the three.