How to insist on green development of economy in Anhui

Since the reform and opening up

, although China’s economy has made great progress, but at the expense of the environment, for our health caused a subtle injury, therefore adhere to the principle of sustainable development is the only way of development. So, Anhui how to adhere to the green development of the economy? Vigorously develop the green economy and ecological environmental protection industry, and actively adjust the energy structure, the development of clean energy industry, support for traditional industries clean production, green transformation.

green development is to adhere to the basic state policy of conserving resources and protecting the environment, adhere to sustainable development, the formation of a new pattern of harmonious development of man and nature. The concept of green development in the harmony between man and nature as the value orientation, green low-carbon circulation as the main principle in the construction of ecological civilization as the basic starting point. It is an inevitable choice to adjust the economic structure, change the mode of development and realize the sustainable development in the province.

in the next five years, the construction of green development model, should firmly establish the protection of the ecological environment is to protect productivity, improve the ecological environment is the development of the concept of productivity, efforts in fostering the growth of green economy, actively develop green low-carbon circular economy, build Anhui ecological plate. Especially to business and improve the ecological environment and ecological service function value and tourism development combined with the extensive development mode to speed up the elements from the low cost and high cost of the ecological environment to innovation and development, green development of two wheel drive mode change from low efficiency, high emission efficiency, safety, green transformation, achieve beautiful scenery and Jinshan the organic unity.

good ecological environment is the most equitable public goods. In strengthening environmental protection efforts, the Huaihe ecological economic construction with the harmony between human and water, green landscape construction sharing, economy, humanities is beautiful Xin’An river ecological economic demonstration area of ecological civilization in Chaohu basin construction of city water symbiosis, livable industry demonstration area, make good ecological environment become a display of good ecological model the image of our province.

The construction of green

of new homes, there must be ordered to use natural, adjust and optimize the spatial structure, to construct a scientific and reasonable city pattern, agricultural development and ecological security pattern, natural coastline pattern; based on resource environmental bearing capacity, reasonably determine the scale of urban construction, strictly control the construction of various types of space expansion and leave space for future generations; encourage green consumption, promote green lifestyles, promote human and nature, man and society, man and himself three harmony.

although the economy in the process of development, a lot of time will inevitably encounter a series of problems, but as long as the right direction, the development of the difficulties can be solved. The "13th Five-Year" plan, promote low-carbon cycle development, building a low-carbon, safe and efficient modern clean energy system, carry out the green low-carbon travel action to promote green building scale recommended