How to drive other goods sales

do not think that the sale of cigarettes will be able to earn this part of the profits, in fact, if the proper operating skills of cigarettes, but also to promote the sale of more other goods. In a word, cigarette is not only a special commodity in the legal concept, but also a special commodity for other commodities. Here I would like to talk about a number of sales of cigarettes to promote the sale of other skills, for your reference.

cigarette restaurant business


my friend runs a high-end restaurant, "seafood" features. Since October last year, a friend store business down. I asked him why? He said: "those who come to the name of a famous brand of cigarettes, no smoke they will not come. Recently, and tobacco companies contact more, into a lot of famous cigarettes, frequent visitors will come back, business unpopular."

In addition

, like KTV, dance halls, sauna and other places, the high-grade cigarette smoke is a mid-range, ancillary services indispensable.

cigarettes drive tea line

once, I passed a tea shop, the boss asked me to come in, also pulled from the smoke cabinet took a packet of "Yellow Crane Tower", the one handed over. Subsequently, the shop owner made a pot of tea, while tea while we smoke. A few minutes later, I learned from the shop owner there to some tea market, also familiar with the "Dahongpao" and "tea" and other characteristics of tea. I don’t want to buy tea, but who wants to be the one that keeps me. The shop owner said, "people can smoke the best selling tea, smoke to showmanship, the tea party, the business is well done."

cigarette driven grocery business

I have visited several cigarette retail counterparts, they are engaged in non-staple food, cigarettes are not counter. I persuaded them, since the main non-staple food, so don’t sell cigarettes. The boss said: "food, groceries, no smoke will not sell ah! For example, some customers to make arrangements for the wedding, funeral, would buy several cigarettes, but also the way to bring some other non-staple food. Do not sell cigarettes, customers do not necessarily patronize. Now smoke less, non-staple food store, simple operating food business is difficult to do. We open the grocery store and sell cigarettes, monthly sales have increased."

is not feel unbelievable? Cigarette sales can also drive the sale of these goods? However, the real business case to show us that, as long as the operation skills properly, you can not only make cigarettes create higher sales volume, but also can make the other goods is also hot, and then create a higher profit income.