He Jun will love fun fun into entrepreneurial projects

each person has their own hobbies, if their own hobbies and entrepreneurship together, in the road of entrepreneurship is not more handy, the road will be more entrepreneurial enthusiasm?

"toe turn" "heel turn" "Dolphin jump", "5050" or more "chaos difficulty coefficient"…… These look exciting breathtaking skateboard action, 28 year old He Jun do it exceptionally chic. "In the past, skateboarding is wind cool, now hopes to promote the sport in the community or school, let more people to understand and accept." Talk about skateboarding experience, Anhui guy He Jun said.

15 year old Yang is a student of He Jun, a chance to get into a skateboard to meet the He Jun, once wanted to give up learning skateboarding, and later handsome brother kept encouraging me, hand taught me action essentials." Now recommended