Do business can also become an early bird

are now aware of the fierce competition in the business, but many shopkeepers are still waiting for customers to come, this is how to protect the business unpopular? There are two barber shop near my home, the opposite is a couple of years of running the shop. And it is less than 300 meters apart diagonally opposite the house, the owner is a young petite woman, her face small shop every day are packed with Hair Coloring, perm girls, young girls, a small woman almost every day till midnight.

contrast, opposite to the barber shop business is deserted lot, the store only parked two or three bicycles in the customer is more and more to the old man shaved himself. Last year my convenience burns one hair on the opposite side, do not say rustic hair shampoo, the boss also put my hair pull painful, the little woman like shampoo, Haircut techniques are so flexible. In private, she was nicknamed "charming and soft".

in fact, we all understand that a good business is not a small woman only her fingers around the soft". She often browse the latest style, in order to learn a new hot hairstyle, even when the store business is very busy, she would not hesitate to closed, to the provincial capital of salon learning for one or two days.

a few years ago, when a hair salon had just entered the hot ion hot foil, equipment and raw materials, her eyes already eyeing a new international popular fluffy beautiful Japanese pear head, charming Korean hairstyle sweet Curls Hair, and quickly grasp the heart should have hands. The beauty of a woman who got all day long in her shop, originally, pay attention to tomorrow, find potential market is her magic surprise than others "step back".

the ancients said: "it is not, so the world can not contend with". Earn money tomorrow, you hold me to avoid squeezing the vicious competition in the market, a search for a period of time or in a certain area of exclusive "new", often can get ideal effect, earned a pours.

this magic, the same applies to our retail business in the cultivation and sale of new cigarettes. In the fierce competition in the retail terminal, new cigarette is often a new profit growth point, in other businesses are still worried about the new cigarette do not sell and hesitate when their first purchase as soon as possible and be familiar with this new cigarette packaging style, cultural connotation and taste characteristics, focus on brand cultivation in the store, go in front of the market and other colleagues began to cultivate the brand, we have compared to the others early step to seize the opportunities, have a stable source of tourists.

today’s shop to do business is facing more intense competition, if the traditional business thinking, I am afraid it is difficult to get a real good business development. In short, the shop to do business is to be more mindful of their own