Henan examinee inside 13 years ago was a university the truth

world, now this society even Nothing is too strange., the university can be the impostor. Let’s take a look at what happened between Wang Nana and Zhou Yingying in Henan.

in late February of this year, some media reported that Wang Nana in Shenqiu County of Zhoukou city in 2003 to participate in college entrance examination is an imposter school incident, triggered public concern.

set up a joint investigation team in Zhoukou, the basic situation and relevant personnel to identify the responsibility, in March 19th, through the Zhoukou release official micro-blog announced the results of the interim treatment. Along with the continuous in-depth investigation work, the investigation group to further expand the scope of the investigation, investigation of chain extension, extensive collection of evidence, investigation to verify the relevant staff of more than 440 passengers, to identify the person directly responsible, Zhang Yingying found out the truth about the impostor Wang Nana Zhoukou Vocational and Technical College.

days ago, a reporter from the Zhoukou joint investigation team was informed that the 13 responsible person dealt with severely, 3 people suspected of violating the law has been transferred to judicial organs.

Zhang et al Wang Nana was an imposter stop joint fraud

Wang Nana in 2003 in Shenqiu county two high repetition and to participate in college entrance examination score of 399, completing the "two batch of higher vocational college volunteer for Zhoukou Vocational and Technical College. After admission, Zhoukou Vocational and Technical College by courier will notice sent to Shenqiu county two high office, the recipient for school teacher Qin Miao, Wang Suhua received the mail clerk not timely admission notice will be sent to the Qin miao.

in the same year, Shangshui county two high school Zhang Yingying (originally from the entrance exam, his father Zhang Shangshui) and stop (laid-off workers, Shangshui County Motor Factory is now retired) supporting his wife nephew Prince Sheng (then Zhoukou people’s Road branch of China Construction Bank second director, the incumbent Xinzheng Jingu Village Bank Limited by Share Ltd president) to help Zhang Yingying to find a school. Wang Zisheng found my friend Hu Xiaolin (Deputy Secretary of the Shenqiu county two party branch) to help find a surname Wang or girls of admission, Hu was in Shenqiu county two high academic work, responsible for the college entrance examination, candidates, candidates filing notice issued and custody.

9 at the beginning of the month, Hu Xiaolin found Wang Nana’s notice in not receiving the admission notice, in accordance with the Wang Nana reservation telephone (0371-8618814, Department of Zhengzhou, a public telephone contact), Wang Nana did not find Wang Nana, will give the admission notice of a stop, and told Zhang He to stop, the prince wins with the admission notice, the ticket, the identity card to the Shenqiu County high admissions for students archives.

Zhang stopped together, Wang Zisheng get the admission notice of Wang Nana, in the county of Shenqiu to find a typing shop, and the owner of the contract to produce fake ID card, false admission and false files. Zhang and Wang Jian