How to take the fresh industry in O2O mode

Under the background of the development of modern science and technology, many traditional industries of

have ushered in the innovation of mode. In this new model, how to make their own career usher in development, which has also become a problem for many operators to worry about. So, the O2O model of the fresh industry how to go? Let’s make the analysis of the industry.

fresh in our life, can be said to play an important role in the city, basically we can see various supermarkets; but with the development of Internet, O2O has begun to appear in a variety of industries, but because of the special status of fresh goods, has not been related to the development of. This also makes the industry in the development of today’s era, subject to certain restrictions.

but recently we have seen more fresh on the O2O mobile phone software, which means that fresh sales have entered the era of the Internet sales; but we have to say, if the industry wants to fully realize the network sales, is not a simple thing, it is not like other commodities, because the the transport process requirements are very high, want to let users have a high trust for its own brand, it must prepare for the business process, so that we can guarantee the quality, to be able to get the trust of consumers.

, the most important thing is that we must link up supply and sales of its own market, because fresh want to get consumer recognition in the market, it must have a relatively fresh quality, and we in the transport process must ensure their freshness; and I have to do is make a reasonable transportation line, that between the market and the origin of the connection can be more convenient.

to shorten the time we need to transport, so that we can get some quality assurance of fresh products. So we in the business, the first goal is to determine our market according to the market, the allowable range and transportation time, to determine the origin of our position, and then targeted to the origin and to cooperate.

at the beginning of the business we can as an intermediary to enter the identity of the people, so that we can save costs, so that we can lower the cost of entrepreneurship.

The second is the

supply mode, we need to determine a good O2O of fresh sales we need to supply the group; we can choose the retail, wholesale and retail can also choose, like shop, for the general population to carry out fresh products sales; then the wholesale, is for some fresh supermarket, food market or individual; but if it is a low cost business, retail or choose more appropriate, if it is to have their own origin, but the scale is large enough, can consider to do number >