Please be careful to store low sharp.

Liu Fengwen Beijing to work for many years, has been doing jewelry processing. Because of the jewelry production processes and sales channels to understand, so the idea of starting their own shop.

so, Liu Fengwen talks with Wang Zhi, both sides talk about improvement fee of 13 thousand yuan, Liu Fengwen paid the money. "I shop there are more than 4000 yuan worth of jewelry, sold to you for $2000, or not?" Wang Zhi asked. Taking into account the tight money at hand, Liu Fengwen see jewelry after agreed to the requirements of Wang Zhi. Only spend 15 thousand yuan on their own jewelry store, which makes Liu Fengwen particularly good mood.


the first entrepreneur in the venture capital relatively few cases, the transfer of others is a way to shop, so you can save expenses, decoration fees, quickly into the business. If you intend to operate with the same size of the original store, while the original staff to undertake the store and the product, it is easy to start, reduce the time to explore. This is the biggest advantage over the sublet shop, but it is also easy to be limited to the original decoration, the original business model, it is difficult to reshape the new image.