What are the clothing store display skills

consumers tend to shop in the clothing store is expected to display the orderly product, convenient for people to quickly understand the store products, some clothing and chaos of the shop is the most headache. What are the skills of clothing store display? Xiaobian summed up some of the hope that you can help to make a profit.

1, the theme of the display: clothing store for the apparel display set up a theme display method. The subject should be changed frequently to meet the needs of the season or special events. It can make the store to create a unique atmosphere, to attract the attention of customers, and thus play a role in the promotion of goods.

2, the overall display: the complete set of goods to customers, such as the full set of clothing as a whole, with the human model from head to toe to complete the display. The overall form of display for customers as a whole, to facilitate the purchase of customers.

3, neatly displayed: according to the size of the shelves, determine the length, width and height of the value of goods, the goods neatly, outstanding commodity quantity, so as to give customers a stimulus, orderly display of goods is usually clothing stores to sell a lot to the customer of the goods, or because of seasonal factors for customers to buy large quantity and high purchase frequency of goods etc..

4, random display: is the random accumulation of goods. It is mainly applicable to the display of goods it is for a special offer, "on sale for cheap goods" impression to customers. The use of random display of the display device used, usually round or four – shaped mesh basket, but also with a special sale of the prompt card.

5, disc display: change is actually displayed neatly, also showed the amount of goods, usually single style pieces arranged orderly packing, the goods is arranged at the bottom of cartons for disc cut after the stay, and then to disk as a unit piled up, it can speed up the speed in a fashion show. The degree of prompt customers can buy in bulk.

6, positioning display: refers to certain goods once the location of the display, generally no longer make changes. The need to locate the goods on display is usually high visibility of goods, customers to buy these goods with high frequency, the purchase amount is large, so the need for these goods to give a fixed position to display, for the convenience of the customer, especially the old customers.

7, associated display: refers to the different but complementary clothing display together. The use of complementarity between goods, customers can buy a commodity, but also the way to buy goods next to. It can make the overall display store diversification, but also increased the probability of customers to buy goods. It is the principle of the use of goods must be complementary, to break the distinction between the various types of goods, the performance of the actual needs of consumer life.

8, comparative display: the same goods will be classified according to different specifications and quantity, and then displayed together. Its purpose is to make use of the price difference between the different specifications of goods to stimulate their desire to buy, to make it cheaper to make purchase decisions.