Jiang Yingting in the office opened the mystery of the clothing store

clothing market has always been a very hot market, but also let more people in the industry think when doing business, but it is also a competitive pressure in the industry, how to have a space for one person, by the strength and skills today have a look at a clothing store in the office women in the story!

"I love people call me a man." In 2005, Jiang Yingting was 25 years old, she quit a clothing Brand Company manager assistant work plan at home xiangfujiaozi.

2007, her shop reopened, the first month after the opening, turnover is zero, which makes me depressed for a long time." But this did not let her back, she found a lot of city home buyers love dressing, and these customers have direct selection of clothes to her clique. "At that time, the baby of the family room into the dressing room, to work every time, customers who buy clothes in a continuous line."

"opened a clothing store to make money? Not necessarily, we seem to be low threshold of the industry, but not everyone can do a good job." She said, she started from the shop, her office has continued to open dozens, but can live at present is four or five.