Small business investment Malatang to join a good location allows you to easily profit

Malatang is a very famous street snacks, because of its high popularity, wide audience, small entrepreneurs often become popular investment choice. Malatang joined the success of several factors including: location, image, brand, quality and service, which shows the importance of the franchise in the site, if you choose a few tourists, very quiet shop, then how to It doesn’t help the situation.

now few franchisees are in their own shop, most of the franchisee is to choose the way of rental shops, so as to provide choices, we also need to consider how to store only the most suitable investment shop, the following provides several suggestions for reference.

A survey of


1, the district belongs to the district form refers to residential areas, commercial areas, cultural and educational area, office area, recreation area or district. We suggest that the general area is more appropriate.

2, the surrounding residents

generally dominated by households, we asked the shop as the center, around the main fast food consumption households more than 500 households.

3, age occupation

Occupation and age

two, the geographical position of


1, convenient transportation

The traffic

2, consumer intensive area