Veterans opened a hot pot shop turnover amazing

in front of a good job, many people will not choose entrepreneurship, but chose to engage in this difficult job. But a Veterans did not think so, it quit high salary, stable work, resolutely chose to do poineering work, open one of their own Hot pot shop, now the business is booming, turnover reached 100 million yuan.

1995, 31 year old Yue Benxin from the army, was assigned to work in a bank. In many people’s eyes, the job is not good enough. Yue Benxin has given up, he chose to run a string of fried mutton and his wife started. In November 8th of that year, they rented two dressing rooms in Taiyuan city of Luoyang Road, opened the first "Tianfu Malatang Hot pot city".

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