Wang Liangju’s way of doing business

any one of the shops, if a certain amount of success, in the current operating environment, naturally has a certain management skills, has its own business. Wang Liangju in the supermarket opposite high town Lianshui County of Jiangsu Province farmers market, although here is the focus area of retailing, the competition is very fierce, but Wang Liangju with a good attitude, honest comity, harmony, business a year than a year. Talk about business experience, Wang Liangju concluded that as long as the good five pass, do business is not difficult.

correct positioning off

can only open up a new situation in order to make sure that their retail outlets are located. Wang Liangju said that the right position to consider two aspects, the first is the positioning of the consumer groups. Is around your retail store customers is the work of the rural village, the residents of the community or near the factory workers, only the correct positioning, grasp the main consumer groups, to do business, work.

is the second product positioning, is you for these sales groups, mainly sales of high-end, mid-range or low, or affordable goods, the main consumer groups, consumption is food, daily necessities, hardware items or those. If these problems are solved, you will not only run smoothly, but also greatly improve profits.

Wang Liangju said, come here to buy things in more complex, to the farmers market to catch the morning is around the wedding and funeral home to meet the villagers, is the object of bulk purchase, after breakfast to the farmers market to buy food is the town’s residents, after the 10 point is the individual. To catch the bulk of the purchase, I have to get up early, "the early bird catches the worm". Wang Liangju said with a smile.

equality and mutual respect off

is a guest of the guests, with a mouth". Wang Liang for the "Shajiabang" aqingsao a line. He said that in harmony with customers, so that customers happy to come, satisfied, but an art, which is doing business, do a good job in the operation of the fundamental. Usually, the customer should be modest and courteous, respect their personality, after all they are shopping, send the door to allow you to make money, what reason do not respect others? You respect a ruler, people can be nice to you, you let people have no face, they will make you gray.

Wang Liang for every business is busy, all love put a table outside the supermarket, bubble tea, usually, to see people will be invited to sit down and drink tea, smoke and chat, a pair of their own people, old friend affectionate. Said Wang Liang Ju, everyone will boast a few words, he said, this kind can be friends. He said, the customer is lifting up your own, the people who carry high; belittle customer you is to drop their signs, people down low. Therefore, we must be friendly at all times